Complete Guide to Playing Agen Ceme Online

Complete Guide to Playing Agen Ceme Online. Basically the game ceme uses a domino card which is more often call QQ, and what distinguishes the game ceme with dominoqq is where the ceme game can be play if there is one player who is a dealer.

The game stops if the dealer decides to stand up from the game, and will continue if there is a role as the dealer again. This game is play by 2 people up to a maximum of 8 people, 1 including the dealer, which means that it will fight 7 people in the game table.

Online gambling games now have a lot of fans who want to play it. Because this game is very easy to play and has a high enough winning percentage. It is only enough to place the desire nominal value and expect the cards that are divide to have a high value. Therefore, this complete guide to playing Ceme Online made.

Complete Guide to Playing Agen Ceme Online

Domino Ceme Real Money

Because now many online gambling players are interest in playing online ceme / dealer city. Now many online gambling site agents are starting to market this game, this makes the game ceme has a special attraction for all players to be able to play as a city. Keep in mind this ceme game uses 28 sheets of dominoes, and the difference in this Bandar Ceme is that players are deal only 2 cards each. Other than the Domino Qiu Qiu game where each player because gets 4 cards.

At the time of betting, the player will give a period of time to be able to place bets with the desired nominal. After the duration is over, the cards will start to be distribute in turns in the direction of the clock and each bettors will get 2 cards.

Each player will get a duration of around 10 seconds to be able to save the cards dealt to find out the value of the card obtained. Furthermore, after the cards have been open then each player will complain the highest score in order to win the game. And the highest score in this game because is the value of 9.

How to Register Online Ceme

Next we will explain how to enter the game to play online. The first thing that will be done is that you must have a userid on the website where you are playing.

And the way to get a user id is to BandarQ Online register first. But choose the best online poker site that we recommend for all of you.

Cheap poker deposit agents, where bettors can try to play just enough with a minimum deposit of IDR 10,000.

How to Play Ceme Online

In the online game ceme there are several table games and some things that the bettors need to know. Such as our discussion of online poker methods, now the admin discusses Agen Ceme Online and one of them we will explain below;

  1. Minimum Buy In / Minimum Bet:
    This the minimum bet that will play in one round of a table game.
  2. Maximal Buy In / Maximum Bets:
    This the maximum bet that will play in one round at the game table.
  3. Blind / Required Bets:
    This an automatic bet when the bet duration runs out. When you do not have time to place bets within the allotted time, bets will automatically be placed with a minimum bet. For nominal installs it depends on the game because table limit.

Menu in Ceme Online

In the online game ceme there are several features / menus that the bettor needs to know in order to play like a professional.

The betting chip menu at the bottom left

  • 1k = Rp. 1,000
  • 5k = IDR 5,000
  • 10k = IDR 10,000
  • 50k = IDR 50,000
  • 100k = Rp 100,000

And so on in accordance with the table limit you sit on and the bet limit Domino99 Online requirements that and have been determined.

  1. Clear:
    This feature serves to cancel bets that have been wager, and can only be done when the duration of the bet is still available.
  2. Last Bet:
    This menu functions to make bets that are similar to the previous bet amount.
  3. Confirm Bet:
    This feature functions that you sure of the nominal bet you want to place in the game.

The uniqueness of the game ceme is that we provide a jackpot bonus that bettors can enjoy if they get a special card. And if you get the jackpot, the bonus chip that will be counted is very fantastic. Will be discuss in the complete guide to playing the online game below.

Jackpot Ceme Online

For special cards the game ceme is a little different from the dominoqq game that uses 4 cards. If it’s online, the special card is a combination of the player’s card and the dealer’s.

We will spell out the jackpot prizes on the best poker site IDNPLAY. To buy jackpot there are 3 namely: 100, 500, 1000

  • Pure Little
    Cards with the sum of the dealer and player cards do not exceed 9 points.
    The prize from purely small is x50, the jackpot you bought 1000
    Then 1000 × 50 = 50,000
  • Pure Great
    A total of 4 cards is a minimum of 39, a maximum of 43 points.
    The prize of a large pure is x50, and the purchase of a jackpot of 1,000
    Then 1000 × 50 = 50,000
  • Twins Card
    4 cards that are own are twin cards.
    The prize of the Twins card is x200, and if the purchase of a jackpot is worth 1,000
    Then 1000 × 200 = 200,000
  • Card Six Gods
    This is the highest and most awaited special card, and the 4 cards have 6 points each.
    The prize for this SIXGOD is x6,666, and if you buy a jackpot worth 1,000.
    Then 1000 × 6666 = 6,666,000 a truly extraordinary value is not it? our next discussion in the complete guide to playing Bandar Ceme Online is.

Agen Ceme Online

Advantages and Disadvantages in Ceme Online Games

The advantage of being a dealer is that if you win the game, the dealer will draw all bets on the game even though there are players who have the number 9 and the dealer also has a value of 9. The dealer will sweep if the dealer gets 9 points.

To become an online dealer in ceme you have to have a strong mentality and a calm mind and have quite a lot of capital. Because the city is against many players at once. And if the dealer has a bad card value, then the dealer will be ready to charge all players where but the card value is greater.

One of the losses of a dealer in an online game is if the player gets a value of 9 and the dealer gets a value of 8, the dealer must pay double the bet of the player.

The advantage of being a player is that the player only has to fight 1 opponent. Namely the dealer, if your card is higher than bandar then you will definitely win.

The disadvantage of being a player in Ceme Online Terpercaya is that the dealer and you have the same card value, the dealer will take your bet.

Being a city and each player has pluses and minuses in the game. However, if asked which chance of winning is greater, the answer is clearly to be a city. Because a lot of opportunities from other players. The chance to get the jackpot is also greater than other players. Thus the explanation from our complete guide to playing Agen Ceme Online.