Appeal Corona Khofifah, 25,450 East Java Residents Remain Homecoming

Appeal Corona Khofifah, 25,450 East Java Residents Remain Homecoming – The appeal of the Governor of East Java Khofifah Indar Parawansa so that his citizens who wander not to go home to their hometowns are not listened to. The proof is that travelers to East Java continue to emerge not only from outside the province but also from local within the province.

Appeal Corona Khofifah

Today, Khofifah said there were 25,450 people who made homecoming or entered East Java in the period 16-29 March.

“In a day there are 7,635 travelers. At present there are approximately 25,450 plus 15-thousands (an additional estimate of March 30-31) for travelers,” said Khofifah, Tuesday (3/31/2020).

While for local travelers in the province of Khofifah there are as many as 50,790 people consisting of online motorcycle taxis to taxi drivers. This considerable amount is expected due to the outbreak of the corona virus

“But it also turns out that from their transportation workers a kind of ojol, taxi drivers are confirmed 169,300 who have gone home 50,790,” said Khofifah. bandarq

“Some of the public transportation workers who have been going home first, maybe they become ojol drivers where then go home. But this East Java to East Java there are 50,790 people,” he continued.

Because of the large number of homecoming travelers returning to their hometowns, village heads or lurahs in East Java have moved to impose rules on their citizens returning from outside the area Appeal Corona Khofifah to report.

For example, from Surabaya returning to Jombang, they must report from RT / RW / Lurah. So that the recorded mobility of its citizens, “he said.

He explained, this report must be carried out as an anticipatory step if there are residents infected with the virus, then it can be directly tracked by the local Health Office.

Is there transmission from travelers or other factors. Or maybe the homecomers are positive then their movements can be tracked and examined by those around them. That is also in the interest of tracing which can be more easily and quickly. Coordination has continued, “he explained.