British Woman Passes the Driving Test for Eating Bananas

British Woman Passes the Driving Test for Eating Bananas – Driving and bananas may not be related. But a woman managed to pass the driving test after eating a banana. Whereas before, he had spent seven years taking the driving test but always failed.

Reported by Metro page, January 29, 2020, a woman named Katie Timms claimed to always fail to take a driving test. He has longed for a driver’s license (SIM) since seven years ago.

Katie even tried four driving classes, took a series of exams, spent more than 250 hours learning to drive. He even changed instructors four times. But he still hasn’t succeeded in passing the driving test.

British Woman Passes the Driving Test for Eating Bananas

After getting weary of waiting for her driver’s license, Katie found a unique way that was initially considere ridiculous. This 25-year-old woman received advice from a friend to eat bananas before starting the exam.

“Of course this sounds very silly. But I’m sure I pass the driving test because of a banana. It’s not a banana that helps driving, that’s not how it works,” Katie said.

British Woman Passes the Driving Test for Eating Bananas

The woman from London, England claimed to eat a banana can help calm nerves. This trick was recognized by Katie as one of the factors that made her successfully pass the driving test.

“That’s all I need. I managed to pass the test after eating three bananas. Some of my friends made fun of me because I didn’t graduate, but now I can answer them, because now I already have a SIM,” said Katie.

He admitted that he was stress because he always failed. His friend even said that Katie was worthy of entering the world record book as the person who failed the driving test the most. Agen Ceme Online

Before trying to eat bananas, Katie had tried other luck many times but always failed. It turned out that this banana eating suggestion was also conveyed by the driving coach who guided Katie. This method was also reveale by a driving coach from Cornwall, Mike.

Before the driving test about a few minutes when going to the test, try eating bananas. This fruit is famous among driving coaches as food that calms the nerves so that it reduces nervous levels, explained Mike.

Bananas contain tryptophan, a protein that the body can convert into serotonin, a happy hormone. With this, bananas make a calmer and happier mood.

Reporting from Lifehack, bananas contain about 27 mg of magnesium. This mineral can help improve your temperament and assist you with resting soundly.

If your body lacks magnesium, you may suffer from anxiety, depression and other disorders. But if you regularly eat bananas, you might be like Katie Timms who can handle the problem well.