Compare Anies and Ganjar, Central Java Provincial Public Relations Protested

Compare Anies and Ganjar, Central Java Provincial Public Relations Protested – The official website of the Central Java Provincial Government suddenly became a hot topic on social media. This was triggered by an article judged to compare Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo and number one person in DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan.

On Twitter’s mass media, citizens highlight the contents of the news article. As can be seen from the tweet of the @Reiza_Patter account owner.

Compare Anies and Ganjar

The account shares screenshots of articles published by the website entitled “Threatened Student Demo, Anies Includes Ganjar Present”.

Since being distributed, the tweet was flooded with comments from other citizens. Some of them regretted the contents in the article.

In the article mentioned, that Anies undo his intention to attend the Government Gathering on Good and Green Governance event which was held at the Sportorium of the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta on February 18, 2020, due to fear of being attacked by students. Bandar Ceme Bonus New Member

Anies also chose to conduct a teleconference with seminar participants from Jakarta. The site then compared this attitude with Ganjar Pranowo.

Unlike Anies, Ganjar chose to attend the event. Ganjar is known to invite dialogue from the demonstrators and ask to record asuk into the building, sitting in a front row seat.

By some citizens, website coverage is considered to corner Anies. They also cast criticisms, such as the comments on the @Ivondarm account.

“How can an official account be defamatory? Really rotten heart,” he wrote.

Compare Anies and Ganjar

While the @febrianjrit account which also regretted the news, asked Ganjar to act decisively.

He commented, “Since when is the official website of Central Java prov so a buzzer like that ?? Want to praise, please but also gag by falling @aniesbaswedan please. Please Mr. Ganjar, admin or editor can be reprimanded. , “Button.

Reaping the controversy among Twitter residents, the news coverage that is considered ‘pitting’ Anies and Ganjar has disappeared.

The search results, after entering the keyword ‘public relations of Central Java provincial government anies’ through a search engine, an article entitled “Threatening Student Demo, Anies Underlay Ganjar Present”