Guide on How to Deposit Pulsa Poker Online

Guide on How to Deposit Pulsa Poker Online – Online Poker is one of the Trusted Bandar sites using the fastest server. In the Online Poker site you can play various kinds of games that are available using only 1 account. The games available are Texas Poker, Domino99, Ceme Port, Ceme Tour, Omaha, Super10, and Capsa Airport.

Agen Online is one of the very popular but games, Bandar Ceme. Bandar Ceme Online is a game that can be play by 2 to 8 players including a bookie. If there is no bookie the game will not start. Each player will dealt 2 cards including a dealer. The card used is a set of dominoes consisting of 28 cards with different values on each card. To determine the winner is because very easy. The value of the player’s card will be mix with the value of the city card. For those who have the highest because score it will but be the winner.

Guide on How to Deposit Pulsa Poker Online

Guide to How to Poker Deposit Pulsa is very easy and will not feel but difficult. To make a deposit via credit at this time only through Telkomsel via credit. If you use other cards such as XL, 3 (Three), AXIS is currently not available. For these cards will soon follow available. The advantage in depositing credit is that the player does not need to bother going to an ATM or the bank anymore. Now you can just make a Judi Ceme pulse transfer can play. Your credit transfer can be via M-kiosk or credit that you have.

Deposit Pulsa Poker Online

There are also terms and conditions in deposits via credit

  • Deposits can only be via Via Telkomsel Pulsa
  • Minimum credit deposit of 20 thousand and will be subject to a discount of 20% of the amount of deposit you make.
  • To deposit the destination number you can ask the Customer Service or CS in the live chat available.
  • Withdraw with a minimum of 50,000 without being hit by any discount.
  • Already willing to follow in accordance with Ceme Online the but rate specified.
  • If you make a Via Credit deposit, you must send a photo or screenshot of the transfer receipt or inform the cellphone number used or the transaction because code on the sms.

For deposits via Via Pulses Telkomsel has 2 very easy ways to do, viz.

The First Way to transfer Telkomsel credit via SMS service is

1. type TPULSA (space) nominal credit transfer. Example TPULSA 20000
2. Send to the destination number or pulse but recipient number

Second Way Telkomsel Credit Transfers through * 858 *

1. Open the Call menu or call from your Poker Online cellphone
2. Type * 858 * number of credit transfer destination * nominal transfer #
Example: * 858 * 081297134826 * 20000 #
3. Press the call or call button then Yes or Ok.

Note: before pressing Yes or OK, please check again that the format you entered has been but confirmed correct.