Do Not Be Lulled By The Decrease In The Number of Corona Patients

Do Not Be Lulled By The Decrease In The Number of Corona Patients – The trend of slowing down the positive cases of Covid-19 in DKI Jakarta in the last few days is certainly a relief. But we must remain critical. Figures decline did occur. But epidemiologists suspect the decline was due to the effect of carrying out limited examinations.

Do Not Be Lulled

This can be seen from the increasing number of PDPs (patients under surveillance). If the PDP rate increases, there is a possibility that the number of new patients will decrease due to the minimal number of people being examined. If there are fewer and fewer tests, the confirmed cases also go down.

Here the accuracy of the data becomes important. Positive case data, the number of patients, victims died, and other data relating to the handling of this pandemic must be absolutely accurate. One way to do this is to be as passive as possible.

Do Not Be Lulled By The Decrease In The Number of Corona Patients

The size of the addition of daily cases is greatly influenced by the number of examinations carried out. With still a small number of investigations, the addition of the number of daily cases in DKI Jakarta that is experiencing a slowdown does not yet represent the scale of transmission in the community.

We need to encourage the government to continue to expand and accelerate the screening of Covid-19. Indonesia is one of the countries with the lowest number of screening tests compared to the total population. According to, Indonesia currently has a testing ratio of 291 per 1 million population. For comparison, South Korea, the United States, and Singapore each have a test ratio of 17,277, 11,869, and 20,815 Covid-19 tests per 1 million population.

The low number of screenings can affect the accuracy of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country. By having accurate data of people who are positively infected, including the distribution of cases, prevention of transmission can be more effective and targeted.

On the other hand, claims that large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) effectively suppress the rate of spread of the corona virus cannot be swallowed raw. In theory, social restrictions can indeed reduce the transmission of virus transmission. However, this has not yet fully happened in Jakarta, the epicenter and the first area to run a PSBB. Poker Online Sulawesi Selatan

One indicator of the success of social restrictions is reduced transportation. For this indicator can not be called a maximum because there are still 70 percent of transportation restrictions that must be corrected in Jakarta. Aside from transportation factors, the effectiveness of PSBB is also not optimal. At present only 60 percent of families “remain at home”, while the rest are still wandering.

Therefore, slowing down the number of Covid-19 patients in Jakarta should not make us complacent. This is just the initial indicator that should pump us more disciplined in implementing the PSBB. The war against Covid-19 is not over. Moreover, the war was wider in the regions. All provinces in Indonesia have been exposed to the corona virus. The number of people confirmed positive nationally continues to increase.

Do Not Be Lulled. The government targets the number of corona-positive patients in Indonesia to drop dramatically in June. So that next July the Covid-19 outbreak will end and people throughout the country can start their normal activities. However, if we are not disciplined in fighting Covid-19 to the regions, that target could not be achieved. Even if the decline in the Capital City occurs, Indonesia is not only Jakarta.