Basic Explanation of How to Play Domino 99

Basic Explanation of How to Play Domino 99. Especially by playing domino qiu qiu which has a high percentage of winning chances with a very unique playing strategy. Even by playing at a trusted online gambling agent. Domino QQ Online always provides a variety of prizes and bonuses that are very attractive. And prizes and bonuses will be distributed without seeing wins or losses in play. That way you will get a large profit and there is no stopping.

But to get all these BandarQ PKV benefits, of course you have to win the game with the right bet. So let’s discuss everything about How to Play Domino QQ in full so that you become a professional player.

Basic Explanation of How to Play Domino 99

DominoQQ Pulsa is a strategy game for pitting cards with other players who aim to get the highest card value. This qino domino gambling game uses a domino card consisting of 28 cards as its playing object. If you don’t know the structure of a domino, here is an example of a domino.

In the example image above, then you can see that the domino card consists of several points that indicate the total value of the card. And in the domino card there is also a line in the middle as a marker that in 1 card has 2 values, namely top and bottom.

This is worth knowing because in the online domino qq game the value of the lower and upper cards determines victory. For this we will explain later in the section on how to determine the winner in the online domino qq game below.

Domino 99

Online domino gambling games Ceme Online are play by a minimum of 3 players and a maximum of 6 players. And each player will be give 4 cards to be added up. But of the four cards will divide into 2 groups when added up to have the highest card value of 9. Therefore, this online game qiu qiu is often call Domino 99. And in this game there are log cards which means the number of points from both sides of the card has the same value.

The example picture above is a number of cards that have the same value on both the top and bottom sides, from the value of cards 0 to 6. And the cards in the game domino qq online can determine victory. So this card gambling game is very popular, because there are various kinds of provisions that make it easy for players to win.

How to Calculate Domino QQ Cards

After you understand some explanations Poker Online Terpercaya about how to play domino qiu qiu above. Then you also need to know how to count cards, and understand how the winning card system.

In online domino qiu qiu games, the highest card is a card with a value of 9. And if your total card value exceeds 9, the card count will return again from 0. To understand card counts and special card combinations, the following is an explanation.

1. Small Cards

The picture above is a number of cards whose value does not exceed 9. Then for the calculation of these cards in accordance with their respective values.

2. Medium Card

While the example image above is the number of cards with a value exceeding 9. Then the card with the total Bandar Ceme Agen Poker value of 10 is recalculate from 0. Or you can follow the calculation as shown in the example image above.

3. Big Card

And the example of the picture above is the number of cards that have a high value or exceeds the value of 19. Then the same thing as in the explanation above. That the number of cards Bandar Ceme Online with a value of 20 was count back to 0. Or you can follow the counts as listed in the example image above .

Then as explained in the first point at the opening of the article, that each player will receive 4 cards. And from the 4 cards the calculation is divide into two card groups. Even though the system has calculated automatically, you also need to know how to know.

The picture above shows the value of each card that you can see. And the two groups have been mark with a yellow line. That way, the card you have, i.e. the left group is worth 7 and the right group has a value of 4. Those are some explanations on how to count DominoQQ Bonus Member Baru cards. So you have an idea to determine the bet with the value of the card you have.