How To Play Domino Online And Win Easily

How To Play Domino Online And Win EasilyDomino Online Gambling is one of the original money betting games known by the people of Indonesia. Because for a long time, domino games have been play by many people, both young and old, to spend day to day. Besides being entertained when you are calm, playing dominoes can also provide additional income, although not much.

Because of the enthusiasm of those who have long been interest in domino games, now there is also advance technology. Today there are many betting sites on the Internet that offer the type of domino games that can be played BandarQ Online. Simply by using a cellphone or computer, players can now play dominoes easily and simply.

How To Play Domino Online And Win Easily

But if you play online, of course, there are slight differences in how to play and other things. Therefore, for those who want to play dominoes and want to play online games, it is better to find information first. So when you play Judi Ceme dominoes online with real money, don’t lose too much.

How to play online card games for beginners

Domino or DominoQQ can also be call a betting game consisting of 28 cards with each card with a different value. After the match starts, players will receive 3 cards and 1 pair must be combined to get the highest score. If, according to the card player, they have a chance to win, they can continue playing to get a third card. After that, in the second stage, players who are still in the match will get 1 final card with a total of 2 pairs of cards. If all players in the game have compiled the best poker card combination, they will compete to Ceme Online find a winner.

  • Domino games can be play by 2 to 6 players at 1 table
  • The highest card in a domino game is a card with a value of 9 (Qiu) and the smallest one is 0 (zero)
  • A new jackpot prize can be obtaine if a player buys a jackpot first
  • If there are similarities in the value of cards between the players. The winner will be calculated based on the record

How do you count dominoes?

If the total number of circles on both cards is more than 9. Then the value of the circle of cards will decrease 10. And also if the total number of circles on 2 cards is more than 19. Then the circle value will also be reduce to 20. But in fact, if you play cards dominoes on online betting sites. Of course, this calculation will be calculated automatically by yourself.

Domino Online

A special type of domino

In domino games, there are 4 types of special cards that also hit the jackpot, which include:

  • Pure Great

    The lowest special card is a large and pure card. Which is calculate based on the number of rounds in the hands 39-43. So if you get this special card and no one else can beat it. Then we can be sure that he will be the winner in online dominoes with real money. But if you want to get the jackpot, the explanation above has explained that you must first buy the jackpot.

  • Small Pure

    The third special card that a bettor can get is a combination of purely small cards. This card can be obtained if the card the bettor has is 6-9. And if other players don’t get the same card as you or more than a combination of small pure cards. Then you can be sure Poker Online that you are an online domino winner with real money.

  • Chain of Cards

    The order of the combination of the two highest special cards is Twins. Special cards are calculate base on the value of DOT on four cards that have in common. So if one of the players gets a card with the same DOT value from numbers 1-6 (free). Then you can determine the winner in the game, if other players don’t get special cards from the six gods.

  • Six gods

    This boat is the highest special card among Poker Deposit OVO the other special cards. Therefore, to have each card in your hand, you must add a total of 6 or 6666. If you get this combination of cards, no one can beat you in a game session. Then the jackpot will be multiplie by 6666x. What if where, if you buy a jackpot that costs 1000, you will get 6,666,000.