Husband Story Tear Down Home Using Excavator because of Wife cheated on him

Husband Story Tear Down Home Using Excavator because of Wife cheated on him – Going abroad to build a better household becomes every husband’s dream. But what power when, the wife left behind actually having an affair with another man. Angered and disappointed, that’s what Hendrik Wargowiyoto felt.


The resident of Pengkol Village, Kauman District, Ponorogo Regency, East Java, is determined to destroy the house he built five years ago from the results of migrating to South Korea. That was because, his wife named Nila Wiwit, who had been living by migrating abroad, had an affair with another man.

The permanent building was demolished using an excavator unit he had rented first. Suddenly, the action became a spectacle of citizens.

Reporting from, the demolition of houses that had just been built five years ago became a spectacle for residents. Before it was destroyed, the couple had already been declared divorced. The husband has actually offered to buy the house by his wife for half the price.

Later, the money from the sale was handed over to their two children. Because there was no agreement, finally Hendrik chose to demolish the house, and gave up his wife with another man.

Husband Story Tear Down

“Because the couple had separated, the village wanted the house to be donated to their two children. But Hendrik did not want to, “said the Head of Pengkol Village, Sunoto. Bandar Ceme Paling Mudah Menang

Hendrik, said Sunoto, previously gave his wife the option to buy at half the value of the building. Which, later it will all be given to his two children. But the wife did not have funds, and finally carried out the demolition. Husband Story Tear Down
“Regrettably, the villagers make this decision, it can be given to their two children. But it was the demolition that was decided by Hendrik, “he said.

Meanwhile, Iksan deliberately stayed away from the District of Jambon to see the demolition of houses in the Pengkol Village. He was curious when he saw the video that spread on social media about the demolition of houses with heavy equipment.

“Yes, I am curious to see, right? He said the demolition was because his wife was cheating. Even though her husband is working in Korea, “he said