Italian Residents Disobey Medical Officer Isolation from China Disappointed

Italian Residents Disobey Medical Officer Isolation from China DisappointedItalian Residents Disobey Medical Officer Isolation from China Disappointed – The Executive Chairman of the Red Cross Society of China, Sun Shuopeng, who is on duty to help Italy deal with the corona virus, said the people there were not enough to comply with the regulations given by the government. And one way to stop the spread of the virus is to close all economic activities.

Everyone is involved in the war against COVID-19, not just the government, not just medical staff. All citizens must be involved and follow the steps of detention, said Sun, quoted from News Week, Sunday (3/22/2020).

He also said he was surprised to see so many Milanese walking around the city, using public transportation, having dinner at the hotel and not wearing protective masks.

It’s time to close down economic activities and ban the movement of people. We must hurry, we must stop all economic activity and stop mobility. Everyone must stay home, quarantine. And we need everyone to be prepared to Tips mendapatkan jackpot ceme protect their lives, because human life is the most important thing, Sun said at a press conference in Milan, according to Italian news website Milano Corriere.

Sun warned that Wuhan, China, was the center of a pandemic and only had its peak infection after a month of strict lockdowns.

In the city of Wuhan after a month since the lockdown policy was implemented, we saw a decline in the spread, Sun said, according to CNN.

Here in Milan, the most severely affected area of ​​COVID-19, there is no very strict lockdown policy. Like, public transportation is still functioning, people are still hanging around, there is still dinner, partying in hotels, and you don’t wear masks. We need every citizen to get involved in the COVID-19 fight and follow this policy. the lid.