Protect Medical Personnel, Hellofit Donates 1,000 Masks and 300 PPE Clothes

Protect Medical Personnel, Hellofit Donates 1,000 Masks and 300 PPE Clothes – The lack of PPE supplies and other medical needs in hospitals is a concern of Hellofit. This health start-up was motivated to participate and directly involved in providing assistance.

Assistance was given by Vincent Geraldi (27) as Founder and CEO of Hellofit to the Director of RSUP Dr. Kariadi Semarang Dr. Agus Suryanto, Sp. PD, KP, MARS and Director of Planning, Organization and General, drg. Sri Yuniarti Rahayu, Sp PD-KP, MARS on Tuesday, April 14, 2020.

Protect Medical Personnel

Hellofit donated 1,000 N95 masks, 300 sets of PPE clothes (personal protective equipment), 2,000 pairs of sterile gloves, 5,000 fabric masks, 1,000 bottles and 48 gallons of hand sanitizers, 300 protective glasses, and 200 face shields totaling Rp 500 million.

“I am very touched to see the lack of protective equipment for medical personnel in various hospitals. These medical personnel are struggling to treat and treat Covid-19 patients. However, many victims have fallen from the doctors and medical personnel because of contracting from patients. Hopefully this assistance can be useful for our medical personnel who are struggling at the forefront, “Vincent said, in a press release received by

In addition, Vincent was moved to help Dr. Kariadi Hospital because he was born in Semarang. “I was born and raised in Semarang. This is a call for myself to immediately help and directly intervene to provide assistance to medical personnel in this city. Protect Medical Personnel

In addition to medical personnel, Hellofit also handed over fabric masks aimed at the general public. Vincent said, “I maintain that if a patient comes to the hospital without a mask, then this cloth mask can be used,” he said.

On that occasion, Dr. Agus Suryanto, Sp. PD, KP, MARS said, “Dr. Kariadi Hospital is one of the referral services for Covid-19 services. We, all the hospital hospitals, are always ready to provide the best service for the community. Through the Covid-19 Team formed, we are working with the Central Government through the Ministry of Health, the Provincial Government and the City / Regency Governments in Central Java work hand in hand to overcome this problem. ”

Dr. Agus admitted, the most difficult obstacle for Dr. Kariadi Hospital in handling Covid-19 was the scarcity of PPE (personal protective equipment). For medical, nursing and professional personnel who are members of the Covid Team, PPE that meets the standards is absolutely necessary.

On this occasion we are very grateful to a young Semarang native, Vincent Geraldi, who helped provide PPE for our Covid Team. “On my behalf and this institution gives my appreciation,” he added.

Dr. Agus explained, PPE is very necessary and is a shield for hospital medical personnel. Because, if you do not use the PPE set by WHO, the Ministry of Health, and used as a reference by the PPI Committee, it will be dangerous for Covid-19 service providers. Through a recommendation from the PPI Committee, his party has also determined zones along with the PPE criteria that must be used for all the hospital community. poker online makassar

Protect Medical Personnel

“We from the ranks of management are obliged to meet these needs, but there are still shortcomings. Once again thank you, the PPE assistance that we received is very meaningful and hopefully provides blessings for Vincent, the medical, nursing and others as well as the community who continue to fight against Covid-19, “said Dr. Agus.

Not to mention the conditions in Indonesia lacking doctors, making not all people have access to doctors. This is my background in making Hellofit health applications. Health, for me, is the main thing for everyone. There is no means to have a lot of money or wealth, but the conditions are not healthy, “he added.

Hellofit is a health application that provides health consultation services from professionals to the community without paying. Hellofit was launched on Friday, April 10, 2020 in Solo.