Quarantine Crazy Rich Asian Style At Corona

Quarantine Crazy Rich Asian Style At Corona – First appearing in Wuhan City, China, the corona virus outbreak has now spread to more than 190 countries. The number of corona virus cases worldwide has reached 781,485 cases.

Of these, recovered patients were 164,726 people. While 37,578 people died. Covid-19 positively confirmed the most cases in the United States (US).

Quarantine Crazy Rich Asian

The increasingly widespread corona virus epidemic has prompted many countries to restrict the activities of their citizens. Quarantine is widely applied to reduce the spread of viruses.

Meanwhile, when many people start quarantining themselves in their homes, Asians are super rich or many crazy rich Asians who choose to go shelter by buying a private island.

Quarantine Crazy Rich Asian Style At Corona

Reporting from SCMP, Tuesday (3/31/2020), a number of private island sales agents claimed to be inundated with questions from wealthy Asians who are looking for private islands that can be purchased for use as temporary shelter from corona outbreaks.

If the plague has subsided, for the super rich, the island can be used as a long-term investment.

Some private islands are sold for up to 100 million US dollars or Rp 1.63 trillion (exchange rates of Rp 16,360). While several other small islands are priced only around 55,000 US dollars or the average price of apartments in Hong Kong.

Edward de Mallet Morgan of London-based private agent Knight Frank’s International Super-Prime, said demand for private islands has surged since the expansion of Covid-19.

The islands are the most hunted by rich Asian people

“Many parties have expressed an interest. The situation in the world like now means the emergence of determination, intention and motivation for them to find a safe and protected place for themselves and their families,” he said.

In addition, in terms of financial investment, a private island will certainly be an investment in health and well-being for families. For some buyers, this is a marker of wealth, health, and family happiness, he said again.

Because of concerns about the corona virus, many buyers are looking for islands that can be owned in various parts of the world, including several islands in the American continent which are now a favorite sought after by wealthy Asians.

“There has been an increase in interest in free islands in recent months, especially in the Caribbean and Central America,” said Private Island Inc. CEO Chris Krolow. DominoQQ

Private Island Inc. is a property company based in Ontario and is the owner of Gladden Private Island, a large resort on Barrier Atoll, Belize, Caribbean Sea, which is rented for 3,695 per night.

“Buyers from Asia are cautious investors. They are looking for a hiding place to be used by themselves and also somewhere that can bring money in the future. Regardless whether later they will develop it or sell it back,” Krolow said.

Krolow’s company lists nearly 700 properties that can be sold, ranging from the 2.5 hectare island in Nova Scotia which is valued at 59,000 US dollars, to the 9 hectare island in the Solomon Islands which is priced at 25 million US dollars.

Climate change is a risk problem for potential private island owners. Although global warming is a threat to all property on the coast.

Prospective buyers will usually consider easy access by calculating the distance from the mainland and the weather. Then the source of drinking water, and local government regulations.

These risks drive Asian crazy rich people to prefer buying a private island that Krolow has developed.

In addition, according to Farhad Vladi, owner of Vladi Private Island from Hamburg Germany, immigration issues are also another consideration.

Many of Vladi’s customers are from Asia who eventually bought private islands in New Zealand, the Caribbean, Scotland and the Maldives. But of all these countries, Panama is a favorite of wealthy Chinese because of the ease of requirements.

Even though the islands are isolated and relatively safe, they are rarely fully independent. So island owners must remember, that they also have to deal with the outside world from time to time, explained Vladi.

The islands that are sold on the Vladi site are mostly located on Round Island in Canada which cost around 55,000 US dollars. Then the islands in Pumpkin Key in Florida, whose prices reach 95 million US dollars.