Quick Test Questions Members of the House of Representatives and Family

Quick Test Questions Members of the House of Representatives and Family – A total of 560 members of the Indonesian Parliament and family members will undergo a rapid test to detect the Corona virus (Covid-19). Hearing the plan, the General Chairperson of the Cross-Factory Labor Federation (FBLP) Jumisih also requested that the people’s representatives not be selfish in their own interests.

Jumisih said that members of the DPR RI and their families do have the right to have their health checked. But with the current outbreak of Covid-19, the health of millions of labor-intensive workers who work in factories without protective equipment are more in need.

“The interests of labor-intensive workers should be a priority for the government and the House of Representatives. Political elites should not be selfish! Members of the House should not use the privilege of position to be safe from corona, while millions of people who cannot recess must bear corona with life safety and economic security,” said Jumisih in her written statement on Tuesday (3/24/2020).

He explained that the millions of labor-intensive workers who supported the family economy were most at risk of contracting Covid-19. It is not impossible, in the long working hours, labor-intensive workers, the majority of whom are women, must work in coincidence and are not equipped with adequate self-protection tools.

Under these conditions, there was not the slightest attention from the government and the Indonesian Parliament to bring health workers to factories.

“DPR members do need to be examined for their health, but why is it more important than examining factories, Quick Test Questions Members industrial estates and dense labor settlements? It is better that related to this corona, there should be no wider community sacrificed due to careless disaster mitigation,” he said. referral

Millions of labor-intensive workers are not only still in the thousands in every factory room without means of self-protection from the corona virus, but also these economic support workers are threatened with security related to job security and income security. ” Quick Test Questions Members

As is known, DPR Secretary General Indra Iskandar said, later DPR members would be inspected in turn according to the schedule that had been made. The inspection will be conducted in the near future, namely Thursday and Friday (26-27 / 3) this week.

“This is our limited power, so it will be done in the hall in the Kalibata and Ulujami complex,” Indra said, Monday (3/23/2020).

He explained that the examination was only carried out by the rapid test method, not PCR. Even so, the board that was found to be positively corona through rapid tests will be referred to the hospital.

“Yes. So what we did was a rapid test if it was negative, it was immediately referred to a number of hospitals to be vaccinated against anti-flu and anti-phenomia. We have a referral hospital, we have said that it will be handled according to virus handling procedures,” Indra said.