Recognition of Dog Rice Aid Providers who Make a scene in Tanjung Priok

Recognition of Dog Rice Aid Providers who Make a scene in Tanjung Priok – Food aid wrapped in paper that read ‘Dog Rice’ caused a tantrum for residents of Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta.

It even drew the attention of citizens after the viral video on social media, Sunday (4/26/2020). In circulating recordings such as the upload of the Twitter account owner @IwanSumule, a man in black was suspected of being a dog rice donor.

Recognition of Dog Rice

The man was explaining the process of compounding dog rice carried out by several people. He claimed, all ingredients used halal for consumption. “This is the same as anchovy meatballs. So all halal language is guaranteed,” he said as quoted by

After that, he explained the philosophy of why the package of ready-to-eat food was given the name of dog naji.

“Why do we use the name dog rice because dogs are loyal animals. So the first thing we need to be faithful to is God above, needs to be loyal to the government, needs to be loyal to Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution,” he added. Recognition of Dog Rice

Furthermore, the man then alluded to a portion of dog rice that is larger than cat rice. He said, the portion was useful for residents to survive. “And why is it called dog rice, because the portion is more than cat rice. The rice is not for filling but for survival,” said the man.

Recognition of Dog Rice

He also said, “Because of this we believe, Jakarta needs to be resilient. So we are both moving to the lower classes.” Cash only, the assistance of the rice dog provoked a reaction of citizens to comment. Not a few who judge, the term used is so sensitive. domino qiu qiu

“It’s not only the case for the term ‘dog rice’ that is used, even the packaging uses the dog logo. For Muslims, this is very sensitive,” @Heine_Nababan said. The @ tondimuh9 said, “I have been likened to a gold dog. My loyalty to Allah and His Messenger are not like an ***, but like humans who love their creators.

“In Jogja, the packaged rice is bigger than cat rice, the name is” tiger rice “. If someone uses the name, dog rice is insulting Muslims,” ​​said @Rahadisuprapto. Head of Jakarta Police Public Relations Commissioner Kombes Yusri Yunus said, assistance reading dog rice was received by residents around the Babah Alun Mosque, Warakas, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, Sunday (4/26/2020) early this morning.

“The North Jakarta tiger Polrestro team that carried out the patrol received information from the vicinity of the Babah Alun Mosque, Warakas, that there was a distribution of ready-to-eat food for the dog’s head logo,” Yusri told reporters.

Yusri said, a number of residents, especially Muslims in the vicinity felt harassed because they were given the help of ready-to-eat food. The reason, said Yusri, residents assume that the food provided is dog meat.

“Residents who receive the food feel harassed by assuming that the contents of the food package are dog meat, and why Muslims are given dog food,” Yusri said. To anticipate a more widespread commotion, the police immediately held an investigation.