Ruangguru Still on the Work Card After Belva Retreat, Rachland PD

Ruangguru Still on the Work Card After Belva Retreat, Rachland PD – The news of Belva Devara’s resignation as President Jokowi’s Millennial Stafisus, not only reaped praise, but also raised criticism from Democratic Party politician Rachland Nashidik.

Racland appreciated the move of CEO Ruangguru Belva Devara from President Jokowi’s staff Stafilus Millenial. But that does not mean Rachland does not highlight the other side which is still a polemic.

According to Rachland, Belva’s appreciative steps will be useless if the government still uses Ruangguru as a partner of the Workers’ Card program.

Ruangguru Still on the

“Withdrawing from the President’s staff is a good step. But it’s useless if the Teachers’ Room is still a government partner to sell online training,” said Rachland. He also wrote a satire about the criteria of being President Stafsus.

“I was going to apply to become President’s Staff. But then I realized that I didn’t have a digital platform company,” Rachland continued.

This bespectacled man also considers that the association of Ruangguru as a partner of the government program is evidence of deliberate tricks.

Withdrawing from Stafsus is proof of reason. Ruangguru still being an online training partner is evidence of trickery, “cuit Rachland. Ruangguru CEO Adhamas Belva Syah Devara announced his resignation as President Joko Widodo’s Special Staff Millennial, Tuesday (4/21/2020). tips mudah menang dominoqq

“I submit the following information regarding my resignation as President’s Special Staff. I have submitted my resignation in the form of a letter to the President dated 15 April 2020 and submitted directly to the President on 17 April 2020,” Belva said through his Instagram account on Tuesday .

Belva admitted that her resignation was triggered by the participation of her company, Ruang Guru, in the Workers Card program which received a lot of criticism from the public.

The alumnus from 3 US universities, namely the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University and Harvard University, explained that the verification process of all Workers’ Card partners had gone according to the applicable rules.

Therefore, he claims no involvement has led to a conflict of interest. The election was also carried out directly by the participants of the Pre-Employment Card.

However, I made this tough decision because I did not want a polemic regarding various assumptions or public perceptions about my position as President’s Special Staff to be prolonged, “he said.

He acknowledged, if the scandal became a prolonged polemic, it could result in a split of President Jokowi’s concentration in dealing with the co-19 pandemic problem.

“I am grateful to Mr. President Joko Widodo for understanding and accepting my resignation. Although brief, there are really many experiences and lessons I learned from working as President’s Staff,” Belva added.

The man who was born on May 30, 1990 admitted that he felt really how the spirit of President Jokowi in building the nation effectively, efficiently, and transparently.

Therefore, he said, wherever and whatever position he worked, remained committed to supporting President Jokowi and the government to advance the Republic of Indonesia.

“With this, I also want to explain that I have not been able to respond to media questions in the last few days. I want to focus on resolving this matter first. Thank you to friends who have respected and respected my decision,” said Belva .

He also had expressed his hope that Indonesia could get out of this severe pandemic problem immediately. Ruangguru co-founder and Ruangguru Chief of Product & Partnership Iman Usman joined in confirming Belva’s statement.

“Yes, the (withdrawal) statement is true,” Iman said when contacted by Antara.