Suggestions For Manchester United Focus Chase Kane Than Sancho

Suggestions For Manchester United Focus Chase Kane Than Sancho – It was reported earlier that the Manchester United team are currently pursuing Young Borussia Dortmund players who are also English players, Jadon Sancho.

Suggestions For Manchester United Focus Chase Kane Than Sancho

Manchester United is also reportedly very serious about pursuing Sancho and also Sancho himself is very intending to move to Manchester United in the 2020-2021 season.

Sancho has shown his willingness to join the Red Devils when the Instagram broadcast takes place.

Manchester United Focus Chase Kane Than Sancho

When Sancho did a live broadcast on Instagram there was a fan who asked him if he was willing to join with MU, then take water and drink it.

Then Sancho immediately took the water in the bottle next to him and drank the water.

The gestures shown by Sancho indicate that the player with this English passport really wants to graze at Old Trafford next season.

However, MU’s decision to recruit Sancho was considered not in accordance with MU’s current conditions. The former Chelsea player and also a sports expert Craig Burley did not recommend the Red Devils to recruit Sancho.

According to Burley Manchester United currently need players who have proven their acumen to become an attacker and that is with Tottenham Hotspur’s Harry Kane.

According to him MU is needed to make big steps to bring in an attacker who is currently hungry for goals and also thirsty title.

It was also reported earlier that Kane wanted to leave Tottenham because of the difficulty of the team to get the title, and this was considered the right time for the Red Devils to bring it Agen Domino.

According to Burley, Sancho acknowledged the greatness of Sancho, but currently the Red Devils have many talented young players in his team, and what is needed now is an attacker who has been very proven and very experienced.